Sousse old town walking tour

This walking tour gives you the opportunity to meet with real Tunisian heritage unspoiled with massive tourism. Vibrant souks, filled with the fragrance of the exotic spices and staggering colours. Stunning Arab architecture including Ribat (ancient fortified monastery),  Great Mosque a masterpiece of the early Arab engineering and the original XVIII century house of the Arab aristocrat family turned into a museum. Narrow meandering alleys of UNESCO listed old town of Sousse (medina). Plenty of facts and details on culture and religion explained by our experienced guide. Finally a real taste of Tunisia – visit the local cafe, smoke shisha, drink coffee and enjoy tasting very popular local cookies.

What we visit -highlights

Why this tour?HeritageCulture
Small groups max 12 persons
However usually 6-8 persons only
Not available in your rep offer
Plenty of Instagram photo spots
Opportunity to take perfect Instagram style photos

Great Mosque
The oldest mosque in Sousse
Ancient fortress
UNESCO listed Arab old town

Local café
Tea, cafee and shissha at cosy local café
Traditional Arab market

Traditional house
Traditional house of a noble Arab turned into a museum.

Book this tour with Price 15Euro/person

Detailed itinerary.

Ribat. XVIII century fortress in the centre of the old town. Massive watch tower overlooking Sousse Medina gives the opportunity to watch the panorama of the old town.

Local market. Vibrant market with crowds of local people shopping for fish bread and fruit. Real contact with authentic exotic culture unspoiled by massive tourism.

Old Arab town (medina) A colourful bustling UNESCO listed old town of Sousse with dozens of small shops where you can buy various souvenirs while training the difficult art of bargaining. Narrow busy streets filled with traditionally dressed people, a unique mixture of colours fragrance and oriental architecture gives you great opportunity to learn Arab heritage

Museum Dar Essid. Glamorous  XVIII century house of a noble Arab turned into a museum. The kitchen,  numerous bedrooms for wives and children present the authentic lifestyle of the ancient wealthy Arab elite. 

Great Mosque Old style IX century mosque still open for prayers. A  real treasure ob the early Arab architecture. 

Authentic Culture Immerse yourself in genuine culture. Smoke shisha water pipe and drink mint tea at a small cosy cafe. Taste the local delicacy –  cookies filled with dates and nuts called Makroudh (مقروض‎).

Book this tour with Price 15Euro/person

Departure dayTour lengthIncluded in priceExtra paidMeeting place and time To take with you

  • Twice a week
  • Exact departure day will be provided in your tour confirmation.

  • 2-3 hours depending on group, weather etc

  • English speaking guide -other languages on demand
  • Box of makhroud cookies
  • Insurence

  • Entrance fees (Ribat, Great Mosque and dar Essid) about 8Euro in total
  • Tea or coffee at local café
  • Shisha water pipe
  • Tips

  • PLACE: In front of the Soula shopping centre
  • TIME: Morning after breakfast however exact departure is given after booking

  • Comfortable shoes (at least sandals but no sneakers)
  • Hat or other head protection

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