This excursion will give you a unique possibility to meet the fascinating history of  Tunisia. In only one day you will make a  3000 years journey in history. You will witness all periods of extremely rich Tunisian history from ancient Punic, Roman periods to Arabic, Turkish and finally modern history. In the Bardo museum, you will see the richest collection of mosaics in the world. In ancient Carthage, you will witness the rise and fall of two ancient civilizations Phoenician and Roman. In Sidi Bou Said – the beautiful white and blue town of poets and painters, you will taste mint tea sitting in a traditional cafe. During a walk through old Arab town (medina) you will feel the spirit of the oriental market with the opportunity for souvenirs shopping. At the end of the tour in the centre of Tunis, you will see the real-life of the most modern Tunisian town.

What we visit -highlights

Why to choose this tourTunisCarthage-UNESCOSidi Bou Said
Small groups 4-15 pax
Usually groups have about 10 persons
More time
We leave earlier than other tours so have more time to visit places.
NO forced souvenir shops visits
Tour is for your satisfaction so strictly NO for forced souvenir shops stops or similar “attractions”
Hidden gems photo spots
We visit MORE places than standard tour including hidden photo gems

Avenue de France
Colonial style main street of Tunis
Medina- UNESCO
UNESCO listed Arab old town
Traditional Arab market
Bab Bhar
Renovated main gate leading to the old town
Bardo Museum
National Museum of Tunisia hosting the largest collection of ancient mosaics in the world

Birsa Hill
Legendary hill where ancient Carthage was setup
Baths of Antonius
One of the most impressing ancient buildings in the world
Punic ports
The largest port in ancient Africa

View points
Two view points overlooking breathtaking Tunis Bay
Sid Bou Said streets
Narrow winding streets of the famous blue and white town
Dar Annabi
The beautiful ancient house of a wealthy Arab turned into a museum
Cafe de Nattes
Famous Moorish cafe

Book this tour with price 65 Euro/person

Tunis – Carthage – Sidi Bou said full itinerary.

Sidi Bou Said. Spend about two hours there. As we arrive at this picturesque white and blue town much earlier than the other tours, you will be able to take a walk through its winding streets without rush and crowds. Visiting two marvellous view viewpoints overlooking Tunis Bay will give you another opportunity to take great photos. Great places to enjoy true Arab heritage.

Cafe de Nattes Finally we visit one of the oldest Moorish style cafes in Sidi Bou Said famous for its unique style. While resting on mats you can enjoy drinking mint tea with pinenuts or smoking a traditional Arab water pipe called shisha.

Dar el Annabi Amazing, dating from the XVII century house of a noble Arab turned into a museum. Our leader will guide you through numerous exhibitions like wedding ceremony room or praying room explaining in details different cultural curiosities. Great opportunity to learn Arab heritage. 

Byrsa Hill. According to the legend of  Alyssa known as well as Dido, Byrsa Hill is the very first location of ancient  Carthage. Besides fantastic views, there are more interesting places to photograph, like Sain Luis Cathedral and amazingly well-preserved ruins of the Phunic archaeological site. Learn about Punic Wars -the great history lesson on the rise and fall of the ancient Mediterranean powers.

Baths of Antonin One of the most magnificent buildings in the ancient Roman Empire. An impressive must-see masterpiece of architecture with amazing history secrets.

Avenue Habib Bourguiba. Stroll along the main street of Tunis, passing some interesting points like the Cathedral of Saint Vincent, the statue of the medieval philosopher Ibn Khaldun and a popular photo spot with the inscription “I love Tunis”. Finally, reach the main gate of the medina “Bab Phar” with a fountain and a colonial-style photogenic hotel.

Arab old town -medina – A colourful, bustling UNESCO listed old town of Tunis with dozens of small shops where you can buy various souvenirs while training the difficult art of bargaining. Narrow busy streets filled with traditionally dressed people, the unique mixture of colours fragrance and oriental architecture gives you another opportunity to take shots.

Bardo museum Impressive, the largest in the world collection of Roman mosaics.  Exhibits from Roman, Punic, Arab and Turkish periods presenting the fascinating history of Tunisia. All of this in a  world-class national museum of Tunisia.

Hidden gems. There are plenty of charming places in medina worth hidden from the casual traveller. Our guide will lead you to secret hidden medina gems that will remain in your memory for a long time. Charming local cafes colonial buildings and even town hall all of these although worth seeing are not included in standard tours however you will get a chance to visit them while travelling with us. 

Book this tour – 65 Euro/person

Departure dayTour lengthIncluded in priceTransportationExtra paidPickup placeTo take with you

  • Every Tuesday. 
  • However, in case of your arrival/departure date conflict, we propose an EXTRA departure day

  • Full day: 
  • Departure about 6:30 am 
  • Come  back hotel on dinner time

  • English speaking guide -other languages on demand
  • Carthage entrance tickets
  • Bardo Entrance tickets
  • Lunch 
  • Hotel pickup
  • Transportation

AC vehicle depending on the group size

  • 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser (max 6 passengers) 
  • Microbus (max 10 passengers) 
  • Minibus (max 15 passengers)

  • Dar Annabi entrance about 2Euro
  • Tips
  •  Drinks during lunch
  •  Mint tea, coffee and shisha ordered in the cafe

  • Your hotel in:
  • Sousse
  • Monastir
  • Skanes
  • Kantaoui
  • Tunis
  • Hammamet
  • Any public place  in  these areas (eg: train station)

  • Comfortable shoes (at least sandals but no sneakers)
  • Hat or other head protection

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